This week was totally challenge for me. I couldn’t understand much at Shaon’s class at the first day. But I gradually found out how to work on Arduino Board with Jon, Martin and classmates help. We kept learning, sharing and help each other, which makes me feel like I am at home – HUBMO.

Home can be not only the one with family members but also the one with friends or even strangers. We tried to make definitions of HOME based on our personal understanding. It could be mother’s cooking, the place to be messy, being with pets and so on. This made us expend our understandings about home. We started brain-storm about the things connected to home as two groups, one is with family members, another one is with non family members like flatmates. Apart from the products or appliances are different between different types of home, the attitudes and behaviors are also different. We analysed what kind home can it be, what kind of tenants can they be, what conflict can happen, what things can they share. This phase helps us to have more ideas on the things related to home in various aspects.

After showing us a video about the things in universe. I was surprised that the scale of universe was unexpected enormous. We also tried to seek the smallest and biggest thing at home in the same way. The result was quite impressive. The smallest thing can be dust or breath, on the other hand, the biggest thing can be wall or even smell and other perceptions. We had much fun to compare the size of each thing. This method helps us to catch the points which we usually ignore as well as expend thinking.

We aim to make ideas based on Arduino board software and hardware. We tried making simple prototypes with different lights and sensors. I was attracted by the tonemelody from buzzer. My first idea is a plant trim reminder which is inspired by Jon’s ‘Shave and hair cut, two bits’. I was thinking it would be amusing to ask for a ‘shave and hair cut’ from plants, which makes an interaction between owners and plants. Design can solve problems, also, it can make interaction happen.

We made effort on dealing with programming and connecting parts on Arduino boards. Sometimes I become impatient when I have difficulties. However, once I made LED or buzz or sensor work I would be full of sense of achievement. People always feel more exciting when they succeed after struggling a lot. I also had fun to test different effects. Jon asked Mia try to blow temperature sensor then something magical happened. It might happened by accident, nevertheless, some unexpected and beautiful result come after random try.

My ideas are inspired from daily life. For example, one of my ideas is digital coaster. The lights coaster will fade if your friend’s cup is empty or with little tea when you are having chat together. In Chinese culture, we will feel impolite or embarrassed if we ask for more tea or drinks at other’s place. So I think maybe the coasters can tell host, the host can also show their hospitality. I feel these tiny movements are important in our lives; sometimes they can change people’s perspectives; sometimes they can change people’s attitudes; sometimes they can change people’s habits.

For next stage, I am going to develop my ideas, keep doing experiments on Arduino board and making prototypes to make my design more reasonable and understandable.