This week is the final week. We were all busy with making prototypes and videos. The shape of my prototype is a wristband which is hard to put whole electronic part – Arduino board inside. I soldered wires together to make it more flexible to connect to the attachment. I tried a few ways to connect Arduino board to it, but it looked still not ideal. However, Jon and Martin suggested us to put more emphasis on concept instead of struggling with appearance too much.


On Wednesday, I started taking videos for the product. Since it is not perfect shaped so I tried to take loads of pictures for one fluent behavior instead of taking film. I found out the way to present my idea could be various. I also would like to learn more about editing video. I haven’t done any video editing before so I studied how to edit video from zero this week. At first, I wasn’t with much confidence , but after I get know more about operating the program-Premier I began getting into it. I enjoyed trying many video effects and playing with audio tracks. I cannot say my video is professional or perfect but I enjoying the process when I did lots of experiments to see different result. As well as like I adjusted the angle of tilt switches, I could not fold them in perfect accurate angle. But when I saw the tiny differences of light effects I got to know which angle was correct and which was wrong. That was the most enjoyable part for Arduino experience. Honestly, if I just struggle with editing code alone I would just keep confused and even annoyed. Every time I made a little change for the effect then I felt I succeeded even though it was only tiny achievement.