“Craft often represents an intensely personal or symbolic relationship with a particular locality. This ‘sense of place’ does, by its very nature, largely defy objective analysis: it is as unique to each person as it is to each locality. ”

– Garima Aggarwal Roy, Craft and Globlisation : A Contemporary Place for Traditional Practices

“The rewarding experience of digging clay, knowing the history of Easter Kincaple Farm and Seafield Brickworks, our love of earthenware pottery and the enjoyment of making gave us the idea to experiment with using the old practise of country pottery as a starting point to put into practise contemporary thinking (for example sustainability, local supplies and the slow movement), with the aim of creating a local, carbon neutral pottery.”

Ceramist Sean


· Local material – Understand the land, care about the land

· Local craftsman – The best people telling the story

· Local environment – The background of the craft