When I give you one silk scarf, you might take it because you like the pattern or you don’t take it because you don’t like its colour. It is quite black and white. However, what if I tell you the amazing process of  making this scarf behind the scenes to show its uniqueness? Would you change your perspective on it?

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Hermès – The artisan is screen printing scarf

THE GREAT SHOKUNIN mini-documentary series tells the stories of crafts people across Asia. This mini-documentary mainly focus on the craftsmanship process, artisan spirit and its background.  The producer Li said the key to success is understanding “the spirit” of the craftsmen and women, that they are doing what they love and do not treat it as a mere job.

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By watching the process, audience can truly feel artisan’s passion and originality and the magic of traditional craftsmanship.


From my survey, we can obviously see the people do craft prefer attending workshops and making things with friend. Craft itself is an interactive activity. Thus the process of craft can engage people to connect each other and share things.


· Experiencing the process helps understand more, rather than seeing and hearing.

· Enjoy the making process while communicating and interacting.