What is Craft?

Nowadays, it is more difficult to define Craft. There are many pieces of artwork made by hands. The boundary of craft and art sometimes is not necessarily clear.

From the interview with a local ceramist, he has his own opinion on craft. It shows in the graph below.



There is some data shows that people thinks differently towards craft and craft activity.


However, there are several levels in craft activity. From DIY craft which is focusing on people creating things for themselves without the aid of paid professionals (Wikipedia) to professional craftsmanship, such as handwoven scarf and wood carving.

”New generations need to know that there is craft beyond cross stitch and Christmas tree decorations.”

“It is extremely important to set the stage right for the craftsmen; this would mean dealing with the craft with utmost dedication and sensitivity. The craftspeople are the foundation of this industry, and it is important for NGOs, governments, design houses, funders and the end buyers to encourage their personal growth and interests. ”

— Garima Aggarwal Roy, Craft and Globlisation : A Contemporary Place for Traditional Practices


The graph of the result of my questionnaire is thought-provoking. Majority of younger generation do not know much about traditional craftsmanship. On the other hand, the artisans would also be tough to survive in such a society. This fact made me rethink about the sustainability of traditional craftsmanship.

Certainly, there are other reasons why some traditional craft techniques are disappearing.

· Low productivity, it is difficult to survive in this ecnomic status

· Less users causes shrinkage of market

· Seldom people inherits the craftsmanship

· Tough independent labor

My challenge would be how to help traditional craftsmanship survive.