To generate more ideas, I organized one workshop in a local knitting shop. There is a lovely interactive space in this knitting shop. People can gather together, chatting and knitting at the same time. I believe the end-user would be more than helpful in the design process.

This Co-design ideation workshop was divided into three sections, which are brainstorming, stakeholders map and Rip+Mix.

The participants were diverse: members of the knitting shop, craft lovers, shop keeper and students. And they were in different age groups. From 21 to 60.



From my research, I found three key words are very important for craftsmanship, which are LOCALITY, PROCESS, CONNECT. The task was thinking about the objects and behavior around those three words. Participants felt that:

Local shops and local events were essential to encourage local people to be involved in the craft.

The process of doing craft is a collaborative work.

The space like workshop and exhibition connects people from different positions.



Stakeholders map


The stakeholders map is used to be used for clarifying the relationship between stakeholders. Yet, here, I wanted to figure out which groups the participants were more interested in. During this exercise, we found that some groups can be local as well as international, such as customers and tourists.

After filling the activity sheet, I asked them one question: which group would you like to highlight in craft activity. Then participants started voting with the red dots.


In the end, most of people chose the groups in ‘local range’.




Rip+Mix is a fast, effective and engaging idea generation tool to help encourage creative and innovative thinking. I introduced this design tool to the participants and guided them to create new product or service by using Rip+Mix.

After they completed the form, they presented their ideas. Everybody’s idea was totally different, from craft tool design to craft service design. Through sharing the thinking, I gained plenty of inspiration. Even though the new ideas were not finely finished, the interaction of sharing in the workshop was enjoyable. IMG_4985.JPG

This workshop is also as a craft lover’s social networking activity. The picture of sharing experience and opinions was beautiful. I really appreciate the people managing this kind of social spaces. And I would like to have more activities like this informal workshop to allow people to learn things and talk about things.