After meeting with many craftsmen who are doing different craft. I found out that the ‘stuff’ they work with is quite special and different. Especially, the material and tool shows their identity. For example, saddler works with stitching tools and leather very often.


Also materials and tools bring the feeling of making process. Then, I made this sketchy prototype which was a portable storage board. I carried it while walking around the fine art department in my school. I asked the students if they would like to share the material they work with. And I brought the board with ‘stuff’ to other classroom, the students there were interested in knowing what the material were for.  They used card to leave the questions for makers.


From this activity, I realised that the ‘stuff’ itself brought the conversation between audience and makers. The storage board, as a platform, allows the craftsman to connect to the public.

storage board

After that, I had three ideas about the interactive ways to show craftsman’s stuff.


The first one is a resin block. It works as a material business card. Instead of a piece of paper with some contact number, I think the raw material will make people feel real.



The second one is a tote bag. I did Rip+Mix with tote bag and storage board. A side of bag is designed as a storage board to show what materials and tools the craftsman work with. It is like a mobile information board which motivates people to start a conversation. I don’t focus on the functionality but the touchpoint of service for this concept.



The third one is inspired from IKEA Recipe Poster. The beautiful layout can just simply attract the users. 7

Looking at the desktop the craftsman using, there are three main object categories, material, tools and hands.


The hands are a part of the spirit of craftsmanship. Most of craftsmen work with their hands, and the mark on the hands are the symbol of their hard work. The hands are very personal. The craftsman must be proud of their craftwork as well as their hands.


So, I would like to make an interface to encourage craftsman to show their stuff and hands through social media. It can be attached to the object they use a lot, like tool kit, craft desk, and so on.


These ideas are still not quite solid. I will develop them and play with different material and forms to figure out which work well.