Shaoyuan Wang

The projects in Msc Product Design in DJCAD, 2016-2017 & my PLAY


Changing Population

Design Proposal

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Target User :

People with low dexterity of hands

The elderly ( 75-90 years old)

People with
nerve damage and diseases
muscles or its tendons damage and diseases
Joint, bone and even ligament problems
skin problems




See how does the liquid come out of the container.

– When will it start coming out of the bottle rim?
– How much will it come out?


Dexterity Requirement

– Easy to operate it
– Small movement
– Less joint movement


Research–Pouring Behavior

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Bird Pourer

The juice and milk cartons are designed as cuboid because it saves space for storage in the fridge. However, the cartons are too wide to hold for some people with low dexterity of hands and even children, especially the pouring movement.

This Pourer is designed as bird shape. It helps people who has difficulty of upper limb movements to pour the juice and milk more steadily as well as with less strength.


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